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Hilary Pilkington

Hilary Pilkington

Hilary Pilkington is Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester and Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences. She has been coordinator or principal investigator of over a dozen large research grants involving multiple international partners. Most recently, she was coordinator of the H2020 DARE (Dialogue about Radicalisation and Equality) project (http://www.dare-h2020.org/), which considered the social origins and effects of radicalisation, focusing on young people and on both ‘Islamist’ and ‘extreme-right’ radicalisation.

Hilary has a long-standing research interest in youth and youth cultural practices, post-socialist societies and qualitative, especially, ethnographic research methods. Her current research focuses on youth, political participation and activism, inclusion and exclusion, misrecognition, extremism and radicalisation. Her recent publications include: Pilkington, H. (2022) ‘Why should we care what extremists think? The contribution of emic perspectives to understanding the ‘right-wing extremist’ mind-set’, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography; Pilkington, H. and Acik, N. (2020) ‘Not entitled to talk: (Mis)recognition, inequality and social activism of young Muslims’, Sociology; Pilkington, H. (2016) Loud and Proud: Passion and Politics in the English Defence League, Manchester: Manchester University Press (winner of the BBC Thinking Allowed Ethnography Award, 2017); Pilkington, H. (2017) ‘Employing meta-ethnography in the analysis of qualitative data sets: A new tool for transnational research projects?’, Qualitative Research; Gololobov, I., Pilkington, H. and Steinholt, Y.B. (2014) Punk in Russia: Cultural mutation from the ‘useless’ to the ‘moronic’, London and New York: Routledge; Pilkington, H., Omel’chenko, E. and Garifzianova, A. (2010), Russia’s Skinheads: Exploring and Rethinking Subcultural Lives, London and New York: Routledge (awarded the BASEES Alexander Nove Prize 2010 prize).

Hilary is currently a member of Academic-Practitioner Countering Extremism Network of the Commission for Countering Extremism, Commissioner to the independent Commission on UK Counter-Terrorism Law, Policy and Practice, coordinated by the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law and recently served as independent Commissioner on the GMCA Preventing Violent Extremism and Promoting Social Cohesion Commission.


Lien : https://www.manchester.ac.uk/



11 mai 2023 - Séminaire "Artistes sous surveillance, artistes en guerre dans l’espace postsoviétique" - salle  A515 du CERCEC, au 5ème étage du bâtiment de l'EHESS sur le campus Condorcet.

Intervention  - "The shifting frontlines of punk and politics in post-Soviet Russia"


15 mai 2023 - Séminaire central du Cercec - Salle 3.07 centre de colloque 

Intervention - "From youth cultural practices in Russia to radicalisation in Europe: an ethnographic journey"