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Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell

Le CERCEC et l'EHESS ont le plaisir d'accueillir pour un mois à Paris Ian Campbell, Associate Professor à l'université de Californie - Davis.

Ian Campbell is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the History Department at the University of California-Davis.  His first book, Knowledge and the Ends of Empire (Cornell, 2017) investigates the relationship between what tsarist bureaucrats knew about the Kazak steppe, and the policies they actually enacted, with a particular interest in the shifting role of local intermediaries and the expertise they possessed.  Based on archival research in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Almaty, it was shortlisted for the Central Eurasian Studies Society's 2018 Book Prize in History.

His current project, tentatively entitled The Bleeding Edges:  Borderlands Violence and Russia's Enduring Empire, 1800-1917, studies violent counterinsugency and conquest across multiple tsarist borderlands.  By marrying operational military history to a study of the tsarist army's institutional culture, he hopes to better understand  the repertoire of techniques that allowed the Russian Empire to endure moments of crisis on its fringes.

Lien : https://history.ucdavis.edu/people/icampbel 


Il présentera les quatre conférences ci-dessous:

1. "Norming the Steppe: The Use and Misuse of Resettlement Statistics, 1896-1917", 2 juin, 10h30-12h30,  au séminaire "Histoire du calcul des probabilités et des statistiques"

2. "Nationalizing Violence in a Collapsing Empire: The Case of Turgai Oblast, 1916-17", 5 juin, 10:00-12:00, au séminaire "Violences de guerre et violences exterminatrices: Est de l'Anatolie, Caucase et Asie centrale (1912-1924) 

3. "To Indulge the Tears of Women and Children: Masculinity and Violence in Tsarist Colonial Warfare", 12 juin, 16h30-18h30, au séminaire "Mondes russe, caucasien, centre-asiatique et centre-européen. Trajectoires et reconfigurations sociales : genre, génération, transmission"

4. "The Scourge of Stock-Raising: Zhut, Risk Management, and the Transformation of the Kazak Steppe", 26 juin, 13:30-16:30, au séminaire "L'Asie centrale dans tous ses Etats"

Toutes les conférences sont ouvertes au public.

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