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Mie Nakachi

Mie Nakachi

Mie Nakachi’s four talk

"Relations and social identities: gender, generations, transmissions"


Mie Nakachi is a historian of 20th century Russia. She is Professor of Global Studies at Hokusei Gakuen University and Research Associate at the Slavic-Eurasian Research Center in Sapporo, Japan. Her specialty areas are population policy, gender, family, and reproductive health. She authored Replacing the Dead: The Politics of Reproduction in the Postwar Soviet Union (OUP, 2021), which examines the Soviet Union’s extreme pronatalist policy after WWII and its effects on women’s lives, gender relations, and demography. She also coedited a comparative volume, Reproductive States: Global Perspectives on the Invention and Implementation of Population Policy (OUP, 2016).


Friday 3 March 2023, 10h30-12h30: Statistics and Politics in the Soviet Union after WWII EHESS, Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers, Seminar « L’Europe centrale et orientale au défi des études aréales. Populations et territoires (Europe de l'Est et du Sud-Est, XIXe-XXe siècles) », Eric Brian, Catherine Gousseff

Monday 6  March, 11h-12h30 : “The Battle of the Sexes”: Postwar Marriage and Marital Identities in the Soviet Union.
Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers, Research department : Mobilité, parcours et territoire (Director:
Alain Blum) (Seminar Lundis de l’INED).

Monday 13 March, 16h30-18h30: Gendered Interests and Postwar Population Policy in the Soviet Union. CERCEC, EHESS, Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers, Seminar « Mondes russe, caucasien, centre-européen et centre-asiatique »,–Masha Cerovic, Catherine Gousseff et Ioulia Shukan

Tuesday 14 March, 9h30-11h30, “A Woman Should be Given the Right to Decide Herself”: The 1955 Relegalization of Abortion in the Soviet Union and Mariia D. Kovrigina EHESS, Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers, Seminar « Surveiller et réprimer à l’Est » - Juliette Cadiot, Alain Blum